Internet & Phone Networks


With access to multiple carriers, we can connect your Telephone and Internet services using a mix of NBN, Telstra and AAPT/iiNET/TPG products.

Our registered Fast-Fi product extends the NBN Fixed Wireless footprint, allowing us to service even more clients and deliver internet access at better rates than Mobile Broadband solutions.

Our community based growth model helps us roll out this network in a highly competitive, non-subsidised environment.

Our Fast-Fi network requires only 10 community minded participants to commit to a fully pre-paid 24 month residential plan and we can build this in your local area.  Subject to available infrastructure – (back-haul, tower and power) for us to install our Radio Access Points onto.

If there is an amenable tech/electrical company in your area, we can partner with them for the ongoing servicing and additional installations, ensuring a faster fault restore time and better service delivery model. 

simple fixed line call plans

  • One PAYG with competitive call rates and line rental
  • One “All you can eat” plan including line rental and calls to any standard Australian telephone numer
    • Mobiles
    • Local calls
    • Long distance
    • 13xxx calls included – $0.40/call on most networks, we give you this for free!

  • Great international call rates