what is fast-fi?

Fast-Fi is our way of offering NBN internet speeds in areas where NBN isn’t available. We use a high speed NBN internet connection designed for large scale use, and beam part of this connection to homes and businesses across Australia over our radio network. This gives you access to cheaper, faster internet than previously available, all managed by a dedicated and local team. No long phone queues. No robots.

Data quotas? A thing of the past. All Fast-Fi internet plans have no data limit, meaning no shaping, no bill shocks and no interruption. As movie streaming has increased in demand over the past few years, more and more people exceed their internet data quotas, meaning your speed slows to a crawl for the rest of the month. On average, streaming movies in HD uses 3GB for every hour you watch, meaning every 2 hour movie costs you 6GB of you download quota. A daily streamer can expect to use ~180GB monthly, and that’s just for streaming movies. Fast-Fi is perfect for any TV binge or movie buff.

Fast-Fi offers download speeds up to 20Mbps. Popular movie streaming services require a steady connection of 5Mbps for HD video quality, so expect uninterrupted HD streaming with your Fast-Fi package.